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poemtothedead's Journal

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This is where I stand
On the plateau of shattered hearts
At my lowest I will find redemption
a static lullaby, abandoned pools, acceptance, affinity, alexisonfire, ambry, american nightmare, amity, anadivine, anberlin, as i lay dying, atreyu, bedlight for blue eyes, beloved, ben jelen, best interest, bill murray, biscuit, bleeding through, blindside, blink 182, boys night out, brand new, butch walker, coheed and cambria, copeland, darkest hour, dashboard confessional, dead poetic, death cab for cutie, dredg, emery, everytime i die, fall out boy, finch, from autumn to ashes, from first to last, funeral for a friend, further seems forever, gatsbys american dream, glassjaw, halifax, haste the day, head automatica, hearsay tao, hellogoodbye, hidden in plain view, houston calls, i am the avalanche, jacks mannequin, jamison parker, jenoah, just surrender, justin timberlake, kelsey, letter kills, madison, mae, matchbook romance, midtown, my chemical romance, my hotel year, new found glory, nightmare of you, northstar, one way letter, panic at the disco, pete yorn, planes mistaken for stars, plans for revenge, relient k, ript records, river city high, rx bandits, salem, saosin, say anything, say from charms, scientist versus werewolf, senses fail, seville, shotgun vegas, silhouette, silverstein, something corporate, spitalfield, stars hide fire, story of the year, straylight run, taking back sunday, the aeffect, the audition, the beautiful mistake, the early november, the faint, the julianna theory, the killers, the lost prophets, the movielife, the new amsterdams, the postal service, the rocket summer, the starting line, the used, thicke, thorn for every heart, thrice, thursday, underoath, unearth, voltaire, what wishes can't mend, will ferrel, yellowcard, yesterday's rising, your enemies friends