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I write them.., I don't take hits
So I was just thinking about something I saw on TV not too long ago. It was on Ripley's Believe it or not or Guinness or some bullshit show like that and there was this man who was pulling a bus by his testicles. I've been sitting here thinking about this and I'm not really questioning how he did it as much as I am wondering how one goes about figuring this so called talent out. I mean really, what was in his head when decided to hook this 10 ton bus up to his nutsack?? I would actually like to meet this man, sit down with him over some coffee and ask "So what's it's like to be the guy famous for pulling a bus with your balls? Is your mother proud of your accomplishments?". I sure love television.

Almost my bedtime. I've been working overnight at a gas station for the past few weeks and the hours are making me crazy. 10 pm to 6 am. I feel very much alone on my days off because everyone else is either asleep or just waking up to begin their day. It's not so bad though.

I accidentally swallowed a captive bead from one of my lip rings the other day.. Gotta love that.

Band news.. There was an article about us in yesterday's issue of the Naples Daily News. No idea what it said because I haven't read it yet. You can read that here. SVW IN THE NEWS We're in the process of designing t-shirts. We're playing FGCU with Cartel on September 9th, with all of their newly acquired MTV fame it should be a pretty big show. We also have a big show with this local rapper named EBGB coming up next month. Overall things are going good.

Well I'm off to have one last cigarette before bed. Later LJ.

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At first i thought it said "bad news" instead of "Band news" so i kept reading it over and over again trying to figure out how it was bad news....
i'm just blind.

hey, I was watching that with you. I want to come home so I can sit with you on a couch and watch more TV. I miss you more tons, more tons than that man can pull with his balls.


i like cartel.. i didnt know they had mtv fame now though. never watch that channel but still.

hope all is well!

haha youre an action figure! thats a pretty sweet article

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