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when I think about I touch myself.. haha.
I write them.., I don't take hits
I love my life.. I love my friends.. I love my girlfriend. I don't regret a thing. Life is complicated but I'm on my way to figuring it out.
We're doing a beer, pizza and card guy night/ some girls night tonight. Woo for being off work. I don't work till 9 tomorrow night and I'm excited for that. Pirates on sunday.. I can't wait. I love my life.. honestly I do. I make big deals out of nothing but who doesn't? I can't wait to move into my own apartment with Critter and Katie. Things are looking good. My band is doing awesome. We're featured as one of the top 5 unsigned bands to look out for in 2006 this month in the new Substream Music mag. It comes out July 10th so anyone reading this should pick it up at any Hot Topic in the United States. I'm starting a pop solo project too.. I plan on recording this month. I like being able to have money. I get to spend time with my girlfriend tonight and I'm excited. I love you Kim.. sooo much.

I love my brother and Katie.

haha. I can't stop laughing...

"We gotta get rid of this lighter.. Ben's gonna be pissed"

haha. Katie's throwing pennies at me.. one just went in my eye.

Fuck you Katie. haha.


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Being miles away sucks, but when we are together it is the best feeling in the world. I have so much fun with you. I always have. I hope I always do. I love you Zachary, you are fucking incredible. Even the scratch on my leg says so.

haha how did i not read this post until today? ahhh DONT WORK TODAY!

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