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I write them.., I don't take hits
Got on the train at 9:00 PM.
10 minutes later regret set in.
I'd like to light Cupid on fire, liar liar.
contentment's a drunken desire and I'm so damned tired..

We have a show in fort myers tomorrow and I'm excited because we rarely ever play here and it's gonna be fun.. along with the after party. It's so weird how much can change so quickly. Last year I was living in Dan Cappy's condo wondering where I'd be in a year. I definitely didn't think I'd have toured the entire east coast in a band that I love. It's honestly nuts. So many things are happening at once. I love my band, I love my friends.. they keep me going. Who knows where I'll be next year, I have hopes. Let's see where those pennies in the fountains actually go. Later LJ.. It's good to know at least you're consistent.

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I used to love this guy Zach but then he tried to shoot me once so I cried.

Yeah but we all had some fun times in that condo.

hm, wheres this show? and why havent i heard anything about it?

The First United Methodist Gym downtown fort myers. COME!!

its a rainy day for zach!

fly to europe this second.
i love you.

when you are down just think of my dad singing... "so you had a bad day..."

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