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"Your dicks a what?? Shit, my dick's a drill."
I write them.., I don't take hits
Tonight Critter, Katie and I went down to the beach, got drunk off stolen wine, went paddling in a raft and almost got killed by a boat. I'm covered in sand and need a hot shower.. man, fuckin sand. Right now my girlfriend is enjoying Fall Out Boy at the happiest place on earth(Disney World) and I'm at her house which prolly ranks close to being the happiest place on earth but she's not here and that just makes it less great.. Yoohoo: Cookies and Cream is pretty much the best beverage on earth.. why the hell is yoohoo called a chocolate drink? It's such a pet peeve of mine when verbs are used as nouns such as "orange drink" and "fruit chew".. makes me wanna vomit instantly. Bleh. My life is completely amazing and anyone who wants to fuck with that is gonna get jacked.

I wanna play a show like now cause they're fun like whoa.

Too drunk to type anymore. mission accomplished.

fuck hiccups. I'm pretty sure the devil came up with them..

half ass new cd reviews:

The new Taking Back Sunday CD - real good but not as good as the last but it's growing on me.
The new Underoath CD - sick drums and guitars but not enough vocal hooks.. good though.
The new The Sound of Animals Fighting CD - just fucking nuts. such a good cd.
The new Butch Walker CD - fucking amazing.. but what else would you expect from this man?
The new Goo Goo Dolls CD - sounds like Goo Goo Dolls.. gotta fuckin love it.

I love my fucking life !!

see ya later livejournal, you piece of shit.

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how about, sour cream.
hahaha lets go in the raft when the water is calm, maybe i wont punch you in the face this time and start freaking out over bridges, barnicles and boats flying toward us..
lets do it tonight. in the caloosahachee

I'm glad tonight I can be at my house with you. You are in the other room laughing and it is cute, so I am going to stop typing this and join you on the couch!


butch walker = orlando bloom.

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