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fuck you benjamin franklin
I write them.., I don't take hits
Tonight I count heartbeats with a heaving chest and soaked bedsheets,
someplace between obligation and where it and circumstance meet.
Plastic makes perfect and I'm an idiosyncratic riddle.
Just a little bit vague but what you don't know can't kill you.

Liar, Liar, your heart is on fire. Piece it together and reassemble it.
Let's see that trademark sense of negligent exigence.
Time is a joke and the clock; a terrible comedian..
presenting the punchline that tomorrow I'll be sleeping in.

Love is a freak show exposed to a town that can't handle it,
so light up the same torches used to chase Frankenstein away with.
I've noticed shapes above my bed but they can't exist.
Reality is a place based on fake events.

I'm just as delirious as the dreams let be.
I'm just as crazy as you can make me.

If loose lips sink ships then I'm on the fucking Titanic.

This Valentine's Day is looking to be a lonely one.

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Ouch..I think I felt that.

I hope your Valentines day is spent with someone special.

"Valentines day is a holiday made up by the card companys such as halmark to just make people in general ... feel like shit"

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