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"I love you more than Will Smith is in Men in Black"
I write them.., I don't take hits
boo yah

I'm a girl and my girlfriend loves me.

My band finally has a song up on myspace. So every one of you bitches best go.

I'm getting new glasses tomorrow cause I'm going blind.

My life is amazing.

Kelsey Michelle.. you are the reason I breathe.. I love you.

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wtf is on your faces.

she looks very pretty.

ps. you messed up the link.

you have to put http:// in front of it

cucumber masks!!

we both were due for a facial.

yeah.. it was late and I was tired as all hell. I build and maintain websites from time to time so I'm used to writing the HTML and setting the HTTP up before even starting a linking system.. these simplified code sites like Livejournal and Myspace confuse me sometimes. haha. laters

yeah that's why i use the old system.

I'm So Happy for ya Zack!

But seriously bro, you need to not see her for an hour or two and come write some new shit with me. hell bring her with you for all I care, but we need to practise!!

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